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Be The Change – Educational Version

Transcripts from Powerful – at last!

I was reminded today that I promised — very long ago — to make available the full transcripts of my film Powerful: Energy for Everyone. Here are transcripts of the three drugs no prescription versions:
95-minute English
Powerful transcript 95-min version
52-minute English
Powerful transcript 52-min version
52-minute French subtitled
L’énergie au pouvoir (French sub-titled version of Powerful) 52-min

Going Solar in 2013 – A Gift that Will Keep on Giving

This year we gave ourselves solar electricity for Christmas. Of all the presents that my wife and I thought we wanted to give (and get), a rooftop solar electric system rated highest. So we split the cost and went for it. At $23,000 (once the $3000 in taxes are refunded) it is by far and [...]

Ontario Feed-in-Tariff Review and Earth Day

Today the Ontario government announced the revised rates and rule changes for its pioneering Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) and Micro-FIT programs. While it was not surprising to see the rates being offered for wind and solar reduced in the range or 15-20% (reflecting just how substantially the cost of equipment has dropped), I was disappointed to see [...]

Powerful is a hit in Paris

As attractive as it was to fly to Paris for the two screenings of my film Powerful: Energy for Everyone, I settled for being there by Skype. The recent Festival International du Film d’environnement screened Powerful twice during the week of the event. Over 150 people attended the screenings. Each screening was followed by a [...]

Transition Cornwall+ hosts great screening and discussion

It was a great pleasure to travel an hour down the road from Ottawa to Cornwall, Ontario to participate in a post-screening (52-minute version of Powerful: Energy for Everyone) discussion on November 2, 2o11. I never know what to expect at a screening like this. A small audience of “the converted”, a big crowd with [...]

Transcript of Powerful: Energy for Everyone

Last night I attended a screening of Powerful: Energy for Everyone hosted by the Kanata Environmental Network, here in the city of Ottawa. As usual, I spoke after the screening, giving some insight into what drove me to make the film, and why I think the key elements of a clean/green energy future are greater [...]

Green Screens: Making films in a greener way

There is a movement afoot to make films in a greener, more sustainable way. It is great to make films about environmental/sustainability topics, but are we making them in a less harmful manner? And what about films that are not about environmental subjects: can’t they nonetheless aim to be made in a more sustainable way? [...]

One-hour version of Powerful stimulates debate about Energy security

Probably the hardest thing a filmmaker can do is cut away material. When you have spent so much time filming and then selecting your best material, it is so tough to then shorten your film even further. Yet, doing just that can often lead to a better product. Like so many producers, directors and editors [...]

A busy spring for screenings of our films

Communities across the continent are booking screenings of our films — Powerful: Energy for Everyone (2010) and Be the Change (2008) — this spring and summer. See the details here:
To book screenings of Powerful or Be the Change (rates vary for non-profits, education institutions, governments or corporate events) contact david[at]livinglightly.ca or call +1-613-730-0870