Transcript of Powerful: Energy for Everyone

A busy spring: Many screenings and events

Interest in Be the Change (and the upcoming film Powerful) continues to grow. Let’s hope the donations and investors needed to complete Powerful follow soon.
In May and June I am participating in a flurry of screenings, talks and fundraisers in different parts of Ontario. On my “to visit” list are the Southampton/Port Elgin area, Barrie, [...]

Video Contest and Film Screening – UPDATED

The Dunbarton Dryer lives on!

Hi David,

My name is Derek Roach.  My wife Carla and I met you at the farmers market this past fall and we bought a copy of your “Living Lightly” video Be the Change.  I’m writing to say that we enjoyed the video.  My favourite part was the stairwell drying rack that was shown in the [...]

Obama, the power shift and investing in Films for Change

The inauguration of President Barack Obama has shown us two things: First, that the desire for positive change can manifest itself as an unstoppable force of hope and optimism. Second, that millions of ordinary people coming together to pool their energy and resources can ultimately overpower a legion of vested interests who are working to [...]

David visits

Where are the leaders? Around the corner, in the mirror

When it comes to pursuing a better quality of life on a healthier planet, most Canadians are ready to act. Or nearly ready — and there lies the challenge. Most of us want to take action, but we are waiting for someone to lead us. The problem is we are looking in the wrong places.

A [...]

The Film Trailer for “Be the Change”