Keeping your cool in a heat wave

In a quest to keep cool, we have been looking for new ways to lower the heat in our family home, save money and take pressure off the overworked grid. Here is a few we’ve come up with:
Turn off or unplug any non-essential appliances whenever possible. Culprits include: modems, digital cable boxes and lamps or [...]

More Powerful: Jules de Heer on sustainable neighbourhoods and prefab homes

In the making of my film Powerful: Energy for Everyone, I had the occasion to visit many communities, see interesting projects and interview passionate people of all stripes. I shot over 100 hours of video. Not all could be squeezed into a 95-minute film. This is one of the stories that I would like to [...]

Special Screening of Powerful: Energy for Everyone

Join the Living Lightly team for a special event: the first big-screen showing of David Chernushenko’s Powerful – Energy for Everyone.
This upbeat film looks at how we can make energy more democratic and democracy more energetic. Come and see how the transition to renewable energy can renew us as individuals and society.
Tuesday June 8, 7-9pm (FULL)
9:10-11pm [...]

Sharing news from a fellow traveller

One of my core philosophies — Living Lightly — has at its heart the belief that you cannot and need not be able to do everything yourself. Our world is full of generous, like-minded people — fellow travellers — who are ready and willing to share what they’ve learned. Organic gardening, cycling in winter, insulating [...]

Powerful Interviews: Eric Martinot

In this series of extended interviews on green energy and a future powered by renewable power, renewable energy analyst Eric Martinot discusses the growth of the renewable energy industry, the importance of good government policies, and the promising future.
Parts of this interview will be featured in the upcoming David Chernushenko film, Powerful: Energy for Everyone.

A second life for your two-wheeler

Radio listeners in the Ottawa area may have caught some of my recent Eco Voyager and Living Lightly radio spots on the local CHUM radio stations. One of them goes like this:
“Many of us have an old bicycle that is, umm… under-used. And a little bit rusty. Here’s a suggestion, several local groups fix up [...]

The Dunbarton Dryer lives on!

Hi David,
My name is Derek Roach.  My wife Carla and I met you at the farmers market this past fall and we bought a copy of your “Living Lightly” video Be the Change.  I’m writing to say that we enjoyed the video.  My favourite part was the stairwell drying rack that was shown in the [...]

David visits

Jay Sinha and Chantal Plamondon launched their business to provide people with healthier alternatives to common plastic products such as baby bottles and sports bottles. David Chernushenko and the Living Lightly team visit Jay and Chantal at their boutique in Wakefield, Quebec.

The Film Trailer for “Be the Change”

Here is the trailer for the first Living Lightly Project film, Be the Change, released on June 20, 2008, in Ottawa.

Ottawa’s green theatre company – the GCTC

David visits with the members of the Great Canadian Theatre Company’s environment committee to learn about their workplace initiatives and their new eco-friendly venue.