Transcripts from Powerful – at last!

I was reminded today that I promised — very long ago — to make available the full transcripts of my film Powerful: Energy for Everyone. Here are transcripts of the three drugs no prescription versions:
95-minute English
Powerful transcript 95-min version
52-minute English
Powerful transcript 52-min version
52-minute French subtitled
L’énergie au pouvoir (French sub-titled version of Powerful) 52-min

Ontario Feed-in-Tariff Review and Earth Day

Today the Ontario government announced the revised rates and rule changes for its pioneering Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) and Micro-FIT programs. While it was not surprising to see the rates being offered for wind and solar reduced in the range or 15-20% (reflecting just how substantially the cost of equipment has dropped), I was disappointed to see [...]

Powerful is a hit in Paris

As attractive as it was to fly to Paris for the two screenings of my film Powerful: Energy for Everyone, I settled for being there by Skype. The recent Festival International du Film d’environnement screened Powerful twice during the week of the event. Over 150 people attended the screenings. Each screening was followed by a [...]

One-hour version of Powerful stimulates debate about Energy security

Probably the hardest thing a filmmaker can do is cut away material. When you have spent so much time filming and then selecting your best material, it is so tough to then shorten your film even further. Yet, doing just that can often lead to a better product. Like so many producers, directors and editors [...]

Clips from Powerful added to YouTube

As a newly-elected city councillor in the city of Ottawa, Ontario, time is scarce for blogging, making films and marketing my film Powerful: Energy for Everyone.
But I finally managed to post six different scenes from the film on YouTube. This should give viewers (and potential buyers and groups interested in booking a screening) a good [...]

They liked it! Feedback for from preview screening

I thought I should share some feedback from the 650-plus audience at the by-invitation screenings.  Knowing how much the public (and a very knowledgable public in the case of this screening) liked the film, makes me even more anxious to get it out there.
Patience is a virtue, I know, but I am feeling somewhat impatient [...]

The Powerful train has left the station

With master versions of Powerful now completed, demo dvds ready to submit to festivals, and the first “invitation only” special screening slated for June 8 in Ottawa, it is time for me to hit the road (so to speak) and start promoting this spanking new film. One thing I have learned with my previous film [...]

Special Screening of Powerful: Energy for Everyone

Join the Living Lightly team for a special event: the first big-screen showing of David Chernushenko’s Powerful – Energy for Everyone.
This upbeat film looks at how we can make energy more democratic and democracy more energetic. Come and see how the transition to renewable energy can renew us as individuals and society.
Tuesday June 8, 7-9pm (FULL)
9:10-11pm [...]

Power and Energy – Radio discussion

I participated in a live internet radio show with my friend Cara MacMillan on her Voice America show Demand More.
We talk about energy options, the pros and cons of each, and why I came to the conclusion that renewable energy is the way to go, not just for environmental and social reasons, but for economic [...]

Sharing news from a fellow traveller

One of my core philosophies — Living Lightly — has at its heart the belief that you cannot and need not be able to do everything yourself. Our world is full of generous, like-minded people — fellow travellers — who are ready and willing to share what they’ve learned. Organic gardening, cycling in winter, insulating [...]