Off-Grid Living

What It Means, Our Philosophy and Our Approach
By Thomas Levy
My family lives in a home that is off the grid. Technically, this means that our home is not hooked up to the electrical utility lines that feed electricity to a typical building. We generate our own electricity on site in various ways, instead of buying [...]

Garbage? What Garbage?

In 2000, Jo-Anne and Hugh Robertson of Ottawa made a pledge to each other to send as little garbage as possible to the landfill. It took them three years to fill a large garbage bag. But that one bag was awfully heavy, so they decided to switch to much smaller bags and put them at [...]

Dunbarton Dryer

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by Mark Sunderland
The Dunbarton Dryer is a clothes drying rack that addresses the substantial volume of unusable real estate above a townhouse stairwell.
The Dunbarton Dryer is completely removable and easily stored when it’s not in use. When nothing is hanging on it, it is fairly inconspicuous and, being made of wood, it is [...]

The Greenwise Computing Guide

I wrote the Greenwise Computing Guide because I am at heart an environmentalist and I cringe at the amount of consumerism going on in our government office. I tried to find an all-in-one guide on the web, but this devil doesn’t exist (or my research skills failed me), so I had to do some research [...]

Attention Locavores

One way I try to “Live Lightly” is to buy food that is grown locally as much as possible.  Eating locally and seasonally is more sustainable, healthier and tastier. connects locavores with producers, and even has a cool chart of what’s available when here in

Here are some little things anyone can do to conserve resources

Hi all,
Nightlights aren’t just for kids !! Instead of using the 600 (!!) watts of lighting the builder originally installed in the masterbath (8-60w track lights plus 2 60w lights in ceiling fixture) I brush my teeth and wash my face using a 4-watt night light with a clear bulb and clear shade right [...]

Make your own tempeh

Hi – We show on our web pages how everyone can make a healthy eco friendly alternative to meat – please pass it on
Gunter Pfaff

Here’s my Living Lightly idea

Use the outdoor temperature to help with everyday tasks.
For example, in the winter:

put food containers outside to chill before putting them in the fridge or freezer

put water jugs outside at night and put them in the fridge during the day to reduce load on the fridge

In the summer:

put food containers outside to defrost (watch them)

put [...]

An idea to improve the Blue/Black Box program

Dear David/LivingLightly:
Much as your film says not to feel guilty, I have to admit that we are not doing everything we can at our house. But, although we have 2 cars (we would argue by the necessity of our work), we did not – and would not – pave our parking spots. We have allowed [...]

Love your website!

Hello, I love your website! I have been thinking for a while that a view of the positive aspects of sustainability would do more than all of the doom and gloom that is usually spoken about when eco-conscious living comes up. I was thinking of what it would be called, and Googled “living [...]