The Powerful train has left the station

With master versions of Powerful now completed, demo dvds ready to submit to festivals, and the first “invitation only” special screening slated for June 8 in Ottawa, it is time for me to hit the road (so to speak) and start promoting this spanking new film. One thing I have learned with my previous film [...]

A second life for your two-wheeler

Radio listeners in the Ottawa area may have caught some of my recent Eco Voyager and Living Lightly radio spots on the local CHUM radio stations. One of them goes like this:
“Many of us have an old bicycle that is, umm… under-used. And a little bit rusty. Here’s a suggestion, several local groups fix up [...]

Video Contest and Film Screening – UPDATED

David Visits The Currents

Where are the leaders? Around the corner, in the mirror

When it comes to pursuing a better quality of life on a healthier planet, most Canadians are ready to act. Or nearly ready — and there lies the challenge. Most of us want to take action, but we are waiting for someone to lead us. The problem is we are looking in the wrong places.

A [...]

The Film Trailer for “Be the Change”

Ottawa’s green theatre company – the GCTC

Rock Sculptures at Sunset

Art can be made almost anywhere, with almost anything.
Rock sculptures along the Ottawa River bike path at sunset.

David Chernushenko

Hello from Off the Grid

My name is Tom, and I live in a rural area of greater Ottawa. My spouse and I, and our thirteen month old daughter live in a house that is “off the grid”. We have not yet finished the house completely, but have been producing and using our own solar power since July [...]

Businesses are people, after all

When I began considering “subjects” for the first Living Lightly Project film, I was attracted to people with a strong personal commitment, a passion and a certain fearlessness. What I imagined was a lot of people with interesting stories to tell about what they do to live lightly at home and in their community. I [...]