The Dunbarton Dryer lives on!

Hi David,
My name is Derek Roach.  My wife Carla and I met you at the farmers market this past fall and we bought a copy of your “Living Lightly” video Be the Change.  I’m writing to say that we enjoyed the video.  My favourite part was the stairwell drying rack that was shown in the [...]

No Junk Mail sign

I created the No Junk Mail sign because well, I’m too cheap to pay $2 to the City of Ottawa to have one of their signs – plus I wanted to be able to specify what we felt was to us junk mail.
Robin Berry, Ottawa
Click here to download the No Junk Mail sign.

Images – Be the Change

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David Chernushenko lives lightly — with his bike, solar panels and composter[high-res]

Urban farmer Fran Doy[high-res]

Fran Doy in her Alta Vista neighbourhood garden[high-res]

The Otesha Project’s Genevieve LeGal-Leblanc, Katie Allan, Jennifer Valberg, Mike Kozlowski[high-res]

The Otesha Project’s Genevieve LeGal-Leblanc, Katie Allan, Jennifer Valberg, Mike Kozlowski[high-res]

The Otesha Project’s Genevieve LeGal-Leblanc, [...]

Samso, island of renewable energy dreams

Photos © David Chernushenko

Arriving on Samso, and already wishing we were staying longer.

The off-shore Samso wind farm.

David at work interviewing Jesper Krems at the Samso Energy Institute.

Solar water heating panels combine with a biomass plant to provide district heating.

The all-natural lawnmower at work.

A number of wind turbines are owned by farmer’s and citizen cooperatives.

Wind energy [...]

Christiana is full of surprises

Photos © David Chernushenko

The “parking lot” at the Christiania’s general store.

A growing number of Christiania homes and buildings are heated or powered by the sun.

Homes in Christiana us pharmacy with no prescription come in all sorts of whimsical shapes.

A green daycare in the heart of Copenhagen.

Food, glorious food, at Aarstiderne

Photos © David Chernushenko

Aarstiderne’s headquarters on the farm at Humlebaek.

Open Gates weekend on the farm, cheap ambien online no prescription connecting people with their food.

Giving children a hands-on farm experience.

Produce of all colours.

Cycling in Copenhagen

Photos © David Chernushenko

Copenhagen’s golden bicycle girl. She no longer turns, but the city is fully of thousands of cycle buy accutane from the uk girls with their own “cycle chic” manifesto.

Grandma’s bike perhaps, but not grandma’s fashions.

Rush hour on the bike lanes.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Photos © David Chernushenko

Where Copenhagen’s bicycles go to rest.

It is common to see hundreds of bicycles parked outside every Copenhagen office, order ativan cod shopping centre and train station.

Many cyclists can be spotted talking on their cellphones while they ride. Some put safety first.

Vaxjo, Sweden

Photos © David Chernushenko

Yep, an amazing bike lane system here too! What’s with those pedalling Swedes?

Vaxjo is a leader in using can you buy antibiotics england pre-fabricated modules to build all-wood framed apartment buildings. Highly energy-efficient ones at that.

Linkoping, Sweden

Photos © David Chernushenko

Tekniska Verken operates a biogas production plant in Linkoping that has helped to shift more than a hundred municipal, commercial and private vehicles to biogas.

Tekniska Verken’s main energy-from-waste plant takes in the remainder of the non-recyclable buy ambien pills waste from throughout the region, and incinerates them using an efficient and high-tech [...]