Support Films for Change

To keep making inspiring independent films and videos, we need the participation of engaged viewers — people who want to see more documentaries like Powerful and Be the Change.

The Living Lightly Project is a not-for-profit venture, but not a registered charity. Fortunately, Canadian taxpayers can now make a tax-receiptable contribution through Tucker House, an environmental education group with whom we are collaborating to produce educational videos and films. Tucker House will issue a receipt for contributions over $20 from Canadian residents.

Follow the instructions below to donate at whatever level feels right for you.



Canadian taxpayers seeking an income tax receipt

  • Write a cheque payable to “Tucker House Renewal Centre” and write “Films for Change” in the memo section of the cheque
  • Mail the completed form and cheque to: Living Lightly Productions, 99 Seneca St., Ottawa, ON  K1S 4X8


No Canadian income tax receipt

  • Write a cheque payable to Living Lightly Productions and write “Films for Change” in the memo section of the cheque
  • Mail the completed form and cheque to: Living Lightly Living Lightly Productions, 99 Seneca St., Ottawa, ON  K1S 4X8, Canada


Donors with a Canadian address will receive an income tax receipt

  • Go to
  • Click the blue “Donate Now” button on the right side
  • Select “Films for Change” from the Fund/Designation options (this is essential)
  • Complete the transaction


Thank you for participating in grassroots education and inspiration through film and video

7 Responses to “Support Films for Change”

  1. david Says:

    Dear Vadim,

    I do not know if this message got lost in the many inboxes I have. We have been fairly successful in our fundraising, but are still taking more loans, at a rate of 4%. We did not go ahead with creating an equity type of investment, mostly because it this stage/scale, the legal costs and hoops did not merit it. So…if you are interested, please let me know, as it would be most helpful if I could raise an additional $20-30,000 before the end of October, to make this the great film it should be.

  2. Anik Lauziere Says:

    Hi David!

    Always a pleasure to bump into you.

    Tu fais parti de ceux qui m’inspirent a continuer mes efforts afin de vivre de plus en plus légèrement. :)
    Merci pour le leadership que tu offres.


  3. Winn Says:

    Hi David,

    I’m trying to make a donation but it seems that maybe the ‘blue button’ has moved?

    Keep up your excellent efforts.


  4. david Says:

    Thanks, I assume you are trying to donate via the Tucker House Renewal Centre? If you go to this page,
    you can select Films for Change from the drop down menu, and carry on from there. Please let me know if you are still having a problem.


  5. Clover Says:

    How do we order a DVD? Do you have them? I am writing from Australia and we are gathering small groups to watch movies like those you may have.

  6. Creative Wheel Centre Says:


    What a wonderful ‘inspiring & igniting force’ you are in the community. I can only hope that everyone in the audience last night will donate $20 for your hard work. That will surely help with the financing of the movie. You keep inspiring me to ‘never give up’! The ‘energy’ you shared with us last night is priceless. Thank you! I keep on with my ‘living lightly’ and ‘collaboratively’!

    Dominique Larocque, M.A.
    Founding Director
    Creative Wheel Centre

  7. david Says:

    You can order copies of Be the Change (2008) by clicking on the Films page and following the prompts to Be the Change and buying a DVD. You can use PayPal or send a cheque/money order. As for purchasing copies of Powerful: Energy for Everyone, we are taking “pre-orders” at the moment, but I cannot say when they will be available, other than that it will only be after we have worked out our distribution arrangements and broadcast contracts, and after the film has had its initial theatrical and festival run. This will likely not be until early 2011. We will set up a way of doing this via PayPal in the coming month or so. Let me know if you wish to be notified as soon as we can take international pre-orders for Powerful by e-mailing me at david[at]