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Video Contest and Film Screening – UPDATED

The Dunbarton Dryer lives on!

Hi David,

My name is Derek Roach.  My wife Carla and I met you at the farmers market this past fall and we bought a copy of your “Living Lightly” video Be the Change.  I’m writing to say that we enjoyed the video.  My favourite part was the stairwell drying rack that was shown in the [...]

David visits LifeWithoutPlastic.com

Living Lightly, my way

By Anouk Hoedeman
“Living Lightly” is an expression I learned less than two years ago, when I first met David Chernushenko, but it’s a concept with which I’ve been familiar for as long as I can remember.
I credit my mother, who became one of those idealistic, back-to-the-land types in the ’60s. Thanks to her, I grew [...]

Businesses are people, after all

When I began considering “subjects” for the first Living Lightly Project film, I was attracted to people with a strong personal commitment, a passion and a certain fearlessness. What I imagined was a lot of people with interesting stories to tell about what they do to live lightly at home and in their community. I [...]