They liked it! Feedback for from preview screening

I thought I should share some feedback from the 650-plus audience at the by-invitation screenings.  Knowing how much the public (and a very knowledgable public in the case of this screening) liked the film, makes me even more anxious to get it out there.

Patience is a virtue, I know, but I am feeling somewhat impatient to share Powerful as widely as possible. The message needs to be heard, as the oil gushes into the Gulf of Mexico, the air conditioners get cranked up again this summer, and the opposition to wind turbines grows.


Some feedback on Powerful: Energy for Everyone, a David Chernushenko film:

Congratulations on a fine piece of work.

Jane & Francois

The film is fantastic and it was great to see such an engaged audience come out to see it.

Heidi L.

I was one of the few privileged to view your preview screening for Powerful: Energy for Everyone and I just wanted to let you know that I thought your movie was EXCELLENT. It was inspiring and motivating. It has really made me reconsider how I’m living my life. Changes MUST be made.

John A.

It was a very inspiring movie, and I am certain it will add much to the current debate on renewable energy. Especially the sentence: “Politics is fundamentally flawed”. Let’s work to change that!

A Canadian Member of Parliament

Congratulations!!! The photography was terrific. Good luck going forward.

Peter L.

Congrats, that was a hugely successful event. The buzz afterwards was loud and ‘empowering’. Your film moved me. Thank you.

David C.

Congratulations on your production. It was amazing and well done – everyone was impressed.

Eric G.

Congratulations on the new film!  It is an intelligent and artful look at where we are, and the very positive message is excellent. It was nice of you to acknowledge the people in the film last night, I am delighted to be part of the message.

Steve L., professor of energy technology, Kingston

Out of 5, the film is a 5 stars  It was excellent for the following reasons:

* it’s totally upbeat!

* it’s fun and at times funky!!

* it’s focus is on the young which, in my opinion, is vitally important.

Congratulations!  Great work.

Denise R.

I found your movie very well done; keeps the attention throughout; quite an achievement for that type of movie.

Carol K

Félicitations David, à toi et ton équipe, pour ce film qui suggère des solutions et nous outille face aux défis d’effectuer des changements. On peut constater que tu as fait énormément de recherche pour mettre en valeur énormément de différents exemples de projets qui font partie de ces solutions.

Bravo donc!

Claire F.

I had no idea that you and your team had travelled so extensively to gather so much information from around the world.The story line of the film held together very well, and it flowed smoothly from location to location, embracing many renewable technologies along the way.

Great job and good luck with the festivals.

Doug R.

Really inspiring. A lovely display of what is possible and a solid reminder that us sustainable-minded folks can really do anything we set our hearts+minds to. It is an excellent film.

Barbara M.

Your film was fantastic – motivational, entertaining, honest, educational, ….Congratulations!  I’m so glad I went!

Joan H.

I really enjoyed the film and I especially appreciated your focus on the importance of community-owned green power.  I think that the community approach is the only thing that will work to get public buy-in on green energy projects.  Excellent work and I wish you lots of success with it.

Sabrina B.

Bravo many times over, for the new film!  From the opening frames I could tell it was going to be something special.

Andrea P.

Congratulations on a wonderful &  knowledgeable movie. You’ve delivered an incredible and well rounded view of the issue at hand.

Natalia S.