The Dunbarton Dryer lives on!

Hi David,

My name is Derek Roach.  My wife Carla and I met you at the farmers market this past fall and we bought a copy of your “Living Lightly” video Be the Change.  I’m writing to say that we enjoyed the video.  My favourite part was the stairwell drying rack that was shown in the film.  I liked it so much that I built my own.  I thought I’d send you a picture to show how it turned how to order ambien with no prescription out.  Thanks very much for the inspiration.  Could you please pass on our thanks to the original designer of the drying rack, we think it’s really a great idea.
All the best,
Hello Derek,
Thanks for the feedback and the great photo! Mark Sunderland, the inventor/designer of the Dunbarton Dryer has been thanked on your behalf, and is pleased to see his idea spreading. I wonder who will be next?
David Chernushenko