Sharing news from a fellow traveller

One of my core philosophies — Living Lightly — has at its heart the belief that you cannot and need not be able to do everything yourself. Our world is full of generous, like-minded people — fellow travellers — who are ready and willing to share what they’ve learned. Organic gardening, cycling in winter, insulating your basement… whatever.

For those of us who try to keep up a blog, but never seem to have the time to post on a regular basis, it’s great to receive material that you can pass on, almost as if it were your own. Well here I go, passing on a recent message from Cam Mather about the great work that he and wife Michelle are doing. There are more of us out there doing this kind of stuff than the mainstream media and advertisers would have us believe!


David Chernushenko


Hi There

I’d like to let you know about my new website When I get requests to speak to groups, I am usually asked to provide my bio and other information and so this website will provide this information in one easy location. Michelle and I also feel that this will be a good forum for keeping everyone up to date on the things we’re up to. I’ve included a list and details of the topics that I enjoy speaking about. I’ve outlined my offer to consult on topics such as renewable energy and transitioning to a low carbon future. We’ll post information about workshops that we’re going to offer here at Sunflower Farm, similar to the workshops that I’ve been presenting at colleges across Ontario. We’ve often provided tours of our place for our college workshop participants. Now we’re going to offer the actual workshops right here so that the tour can be part of the learning experience.

We’ll also be offering renewable energy retreats here. Over the past few years, we’ve allowed a few groups to come for a weekend and learn about renewable energy, organic gardening and living sustainably by seeing it all in action. Our guesthouse provides accommodations for people wanting to stay overnight here at Sunflower Farm.

In the last 12 years of living off-grid we’ve upgraded our solar panels 4 times, built two trackers, put up two wind turbines, replaced batteries, upgraded our inverter, continued to increase the size of our vegetable garden, sold vegetables, heated sustainably with wood cut from the property, installed a solar domestic hot water heater and started and maintained a publishing company dedicated to selling books and DVDs about sustainable living. We’d like to promote ourselves as excellent resources to help other people who are about to take on some of these tasks.

You’ll even find a section on “Self-publishing books” as one of our consulting subjects. After 7 years in the business we’ve learned a great deal and with our recent move into “e-Books” publishing we can guide anyone you know who may be interested in publishing a book through this challenging industry.

My first passion continues to be public speaking so if you are involved with any organizations or your business is looking for someone with a genuine enthusiasm for sustainable living and using renewable energy and other techniques to navigate challenging times ahead, please introduce them to the website. I enjoy the challenge of motivating individuals to take positive action, especially when presenting to a large group.

Please share our website with friends and associates. We’re hoping to broaden the audience for our message.



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