Love your website!

Hello, I love your website! I have been thinking for a while that a view of the positive aspects of sustainability would do more than all of the doom and gloom that is usually spoken about when eco-conscious living comes up. I was thinking of what it would be called, and Googled “living lightly” and there you were, doing exactly what I was thinking would be a great idea!

Tonight, I will be hosting the first Green Drinks in my area (check out, you’d like the premise) and will be showing, rather unfortunately, a doom and gloom film clip about water quality. However, I would love, at a future event, to show your film (having never seen it, but only reading my own thoughts in your writing).

Thanks for the great website, any information you can give me about the film, and for putting into such eloquent words a more positive view of the road ahead that is paved with green.

Ruth Rau
Berryville, VA

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