Be the Change


An inspiring documentary about people living lightly — and loving it

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Be the Change explores the motivations for, and the challenges and rewards of, trying to live more lightly. This is a “100-kilometre” film made entirely in the Ottawa region, using sustainable practices whenever possible.

Produced by David Chernushenko and the Living Lightly Project



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Hear David Chernushenko on CBC Radio’s All in a Day, June 17, 2008





Here’s what people have said about Be the Change:

“After watching you and Fran munching on beans and learning that you made a film from scratch, with no experience — I have decided I can dig up a piece of my yard and try growing my own.  Thanks for the inspiration.”

“I was very impressed with your film. Well done! And that’s not just because I agree with its core ideas.”

“I loved your first documentary.”

“Went to the premiere of the film last night – really enjoyed its hometown feel.  Lots of good ideas in the film but I must take exception to one thing David said.  He said 5 minutes on the computer could tell you the how.  I beg to differ!  That’s the part I’d really like help with!
My husband and I are moving to a new neighbourhood in the city and we’d like to know how the Robertsons managed to eliminate all garbage for a year.  We’re willing to try it!”

“I saw your film last Friday evening, and was completely intrigued by the couple who were able to reduce their garbage to ¼ – ½ bag per year!!!!”



6 Responses to “Be the Change”

  1. Norm Desjardins Says:

    Great documentary. It gave me lots of food for thought. My wife has farm property near Spencerville Ont. that she is planning to build upon. I am going to pick up copy of your film for her to watch.

  2. Donald Fraser Says:

    Don Fraser showed the DVD “Be The Change” to 30 seniors at Unitarian House [20 Cleary Ave.]
    on Friday afternoon, November 28, 2008, Viewers expressed appreciation for the delightlfully direct manner
    in which local citizens are shown living lightly in various ways within their reach.
    The question came up,”could we have a roof garden on our own seniors’ residence?”
    Does anyone know where tht has been done in Ottawa? or the process to achieve it?

  3. Kara Stonehouse Says:

    Hi Norm,
    My partner Dave and I are learning all about permaculture and ecovillage living in the next two years. We have a long term goal of bringing a community together to farm and live joyful, resilient lives together. We are looking for farms and land of about 40-100 acres in the Ottawa area to make a small start on a few acres, with room for slow and healthy growth in the future.
    Could you imagine your farm as home to your very own eco community? We will be blogging about our travels around the world learning about eco villages next year, so you can get to know us a bit through that! We will need help from the farming communty to find a good place and to make community connections. I hope you might have some guidance for us.

  4. Michelle Jackson-Brown Says:

    Hi Don,

    You should check out Just Food! and the Community Garden Network of Ottawa. They have been involved with a number of urban and community garden projects in the Ottawa area and offer a wealth of resources for those interested in starting a community garden. Check out their website at
    They also have a link to the Rooftop Garden Project in Montreal which offers a number of resources for starting your own rooftop garden.
    Good luck with your gardens! They are a wonderful way of bringing people together!

  5. Exciting new blogs, and a Chernushenkopalooza - News and Opinion Blog of Blogs Says:

    [...] for a jaunt. The Green Lifestyle Flim Festival in Los Angeles, March 14-15, is featuring his film Be The Change, which is a film made entirely in eastern Ontario. It's composed of interviews with all kinds [...]

  6. Yasmin Ras Says:

    Hi there David.

    I have only watched the trailer but it’s definitely an issue captured very accurately in your film. In fact, the issues covered are very relevant to ourselves, especially today.

    I run an annual environment film fest ( in Malaysia and am very keen to enquire on the possibility of having “Be the Change” as an official selection at the festival. Eco Film Fest is held every November (first weekend) for FREE to Malaysians from all walks of life. EcoKnights (, the organiser of the film fest, is a non-profit environmental organisation based in Malaysia and Eco Film Fest is one of our annual flagship events for the masses. I founded EcoKnights 4 years ago and our core activities revolve around environmental education (we train, facilitate and run environmental education programmes) and increasing environmental consciousness through creative platforms….such as the film fest.

    Thus, we’d be honored if you have the time to communicate with us on the possibility of having your film premier in Malaysia at the Eco Film Fest 2010.

    I can be reached at the given email address.

    Thank you and all the best


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