Screening Suggestions

FULL FILM (55 minutes) without subtitles

There is a lot of key information in the opening sequence, so be sure to have the sound levels adjusted and people seated quietly before starting. Also, following the credits at the end of the film, there are some amusing bloopers and interesting information about how the film was made in a “green” way. You may want to encourage the audience to watch through to the end.


FULL FILM (55 minutes) with English subtitles

You will want to screen the film with subtitles for groups where there may be people with hearing impairments, where the quality of the loudspeakers is poor, or where the room is noisy.


FULL FILM (55 minutes) with French subtitles

This option allows the film to be enjoyed by unilingual francophones, by francophones with limited English, and by viewers who may be trying to learn French.



When faced with time constraints, or when screening Be the Change for a younger audience or a group with a shorter attention span, consider selecting some key scenes, and leaving out others.



Be the Change is a provocative film that raises complex issues that many viewers may want to discuss afterwards. Consider setting aside some time for a post-film discussion. This part of the program can be led by a teacher, facilitator, guest speaker or a panel of local activists with a moderator, but be sure to allow the audience to comment and to participate in the discussion.

Follow these links to find starting points for stimulating discussion or to create assignments for students.

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  1. Kathy Moore Says:

    Hello- I am very excited about holding a screening in Rossland, BC (end of April- my accomplice should have ordered the film by now) I wanted to see the discussion points but the page did not come up. Can you send them to me please?

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