Discussion Points

  • What does quality of life mean to you? How would you measure it?
  • What five simple changes in your daily habits could you make today to live more lightly?
  • Would those changes improve your quality of life or improve the lives of those around you?
  • What is keeping you from making those changes? What would it take to get you to make those changes?
  • Does guilt drive people to take action? Does fear?
  • Do incentives or encouragement drive people to take action?
  • Is living lightly a moral or spiritual issue for you, or is it a practical or financial issue?
  • How can everyday actions and decisions make a difference?
  • Which is more important to you: A low price or a small environmental impact?
  • Do we live in a consumer society? What does that mean, and is it a good or a bad thing, or both?
  • Mahatma Ghandi said: “Be the change you wish to see in the world?”
  • Who was Mahatma Ghandi, and what did he mean by that phrase?
  • What kind of personal power do you have to “be the change”?
  • What is urban gardening? Does it require a lot of space? How can urban gardening help the environment?
  • What is composting? How does that help the environment?
  • Why is a natural riverbank/shoreline more environmentally friendly than retaining walls and lawns?
  • Is country living more or less sustainable than city living? How about the suburbs?
  • Why is increased density a good thing? In what ways is it a bad thing?
  • What makes a building healthy?
  • Is an off-grid house necessarily more sustainable than an efficient house that is connected to the electricity grid?
  • How can businesses be more socially responsible?
  • What is leadership and where can we find it?
  • Should politicians and industry be leading us to live more lightly? How?

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  1. Diana Daghofer Says:

    Hi folks,

    I am thinking about screening “Be the Change” at a community meeting. The specific action we are looking for in our community is support for a pesticide ban. Are pesticides addressed in the film? Do you think it would be a good intro?


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