Resource Kit

Be the Change explores the motivations for, and the challenges and rewards of, trying to live more lightly. In it, Living Lightly Project founder David Chernushenko sets out to find and talk to people who are choosing to live more sustainably.

These people show that we can all make a difference by making smarter choices, whether as simple as composting or as ambitious as building an off-grid home. They also show that people who choose to live lightly represent a broad cross-section of society. They come from diverse age groups as well as professional and socio-economic backgrounds. They live in urban, suburban and rural areas. And they each cite different motivations and methods for living lightly.

What the subjects do have in common is a desire to share their ideas and act as positive role models to show others that living more sustainably is neither difficult nor unusual.

Be the Change doesn’t have all the answers. In fact, the film raises many new questions by opening people’s eyes to the possibilities for living lightly. This resource guide offers suggestions for presenting the film, and guidance for lessons and discussions that can follow a screening.

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