Key Messages

If we are to encourage Living Lightly as the group project or movement it must be, we will have to promote a number of essential messages. For these messages to be heard, we must refine them to be as attractive and convincing as possible. They include:

Photo by Informatique
Photo by Informatique
  • We can build a better society by building caring, sharing communities.
  • If we all bear a part of the burden, nobody gets a free ride and nobody pays an unjustly large price.
  • Yes, some material sacrifices are required, but the result is very much worth it. In addition, we can choose to sacrifice those things that are not improving our lives in a significant way.
  • Self-interest can be pursued in balance with the interest of the community. Indeed, this approach may help us achieve greater gains with less individual effort or expense.
  • Balance and self-restraint have at some time been seen as virtues in all societies and religions, and they will be again. The loss of these virtues has contributed to the downfall of all major civilizations — let us break canadian online pharmacy cheap from this history.
  • While making this shift to Living Lightly and living in balance and harmony will require a leap of faith and a large effort, this is neither a science-fiction story nor a socialist utopia.
  • People are already making changes to Live Lightly and currently living in more sustainable ways, but on a smaller scale and with a narrower focus than the big global shift that is required.
  • There is no one magic solution or technology that will allow us to avoid making the big effort that is called for.
  • It is time to reintroduce ethical behaviour into our goals for living a good life.
  • We have a small window of opportunity. Delay or denial will only reduce that window further.
  • The brilliant human brain that fit 1,000 vinyl records and a dozen movie reels into an elegant, portable iPod can surely find workable solutions to all of our ecological, social and economic problems – if we decide that is what we value and want to do.