What is Living Lightly?

Photo by Mykl Roventine
Photo by Mykl Roventine

Living Lightly means seeking a personally fulfilling and enriching way of life that makes a positive impact on our environment, our community and society, and inspires others to want to join us.

There is no single definition of Living Lightly, nor is there a roadmap or a set of commandments that will apply to every person in every society.

Living Lightly is a pursuit, a philosophy or maybe even a quest. It is a social movement with a very individual approach, and as such can be very public and communal, or very private and personal.

Living Lightly is a lifestyle that is at the same time ethical, practical, economical and spiritual.

Living Lightly is a choice to better align the pursuit of our practical needs with our personal values and spiritual calling, and with the needs of our environment and of all humans and other forms of life.

Living Lightly is not about guilt, sacrifice or preaching to others. Living Lightly is about choosing to embrace a way of life that is exciting, challenging, rewarding, humbling, and as full of mistakes and dilemmas as it is full of achievements and certainty.

If the sky is falling, let’s get together to raise it back up again!

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