Here are some little things anyone can do to conserve resources

Hi all,

Nightlights aren’t just for kids !! Instead of using the 600 (!!) watts of lighting the builder originally installed in the masterbath (8-60w track lights plus 2 60w lights in ceiling fixture) I brush my teeth and wash my face using a 4-watt night light with a clear bulb and clear shade right beside the sink.  (Most people can locate their face in only this amount of light :) ) )

Daylight is free! Think twice before flicking those lights on.  If there’s enough light coming thru your windows that may be all you need for what you’re doing at that moment.

Boil water with your kettle first, then dump it into the pot and turn the stove on.  It saves energy, money, and even time — see how fast that pot boils now. Also turn off the stove element as soon as it boils when cooking pasta, cover the pot and leave it on the hot element for desired time.

No more drive-thrus ! Try parking and walking into that restaurant.  You save money, time, and help keep the air clean.  Of course, people with disabilities or lots of little kids or even one little boy who runs everywhere are exempt.

Use the fan setting on your programmable thermostat. Our 3-floor home used to have a basement that was freezing, a main floor that was just right, and a top floor that was too warm.  To maximize the A/C (which I use minimally) I turn the A/C off after a little while and use the fan to circulate the air thru all 3 floors.  No more freezing in the basement.