Stockholm, Sweden

Photos © David Chernushenko

Bicycle routes that even a tourist on a 3-speed can follow – and survive – with a video camera in one hand.

One of Stockholm’s dozens of pedestrian streets, positively bursting with shoppers and diners. Maybe North Americans could give it a try.

The Swedes are serious about their recycling. They save money by [...]

Freiburg, Germany

Photos © David Chernushenko

Dedicated infrastructure allows bikes, trams and cars to mix on the same streets – safely.

Colourful lane markers make it clear who should be wear, and give reticent cyclists a feeling of security at intersections.

A lively entrance to the Quartier Vauban, vibrant new “sustainable suburb” on the edge of Freiburg.

The [...]

Pre-fab green home in Switzerland

Photos © David Chernushenko

My friend Jules’ factory-built green home is bright, healthy and cheap to heat. All that remains to finish it is the landscaping.

No spartan living in this Swiss green home. Despite a price tag 30% lower than a typical house, this green home is as comfortable and practical as you could wish for.

Building [...]


Photos © David Chernushenko.

Enjoying gelatto in Venice, minus the roar of traffic.

Hung out to dry in Venice: The outdoor clothesline is alive and well in Venice, and all over Italy. After all, we all wear underwear, don’t we?

Venice after a late-day thunderstorm. The lighting just took my breath away.

Look ma, no hands! Local residents cross [...]

Lyon: The City of VeloV

The city of Lyon, France, offers public bicycles for anyone to use. Photos © David Chernushenko.

Veloving your bike in Lyon: Sure the communal VeloV bicycle is safe, but should you really be on your cell phone?

Those bikes are everywhere, and people of all walks (?) of like are riding them.

I had to try one myself.

Living Lightly in Germany

Some photos from David’s recent travels in Germany. Photos © David Chernushenko

A German government ad campaign promoting better insulation for the home. Stay warm, save money, help the environment.

One of Berlin’s “shared bikes”

Just the bike for getting kids to school in Berlin weather.

Smart drivers can park almost anywhere in Berlin

50 Ways to Reduce Your Footprint

A collection of photos illustrating how Blake, Brenda and Naomi Poland of Oakville, Ontario, are reducing their carbon footprint and enjoying life. For a full list of what Blake and his family are doing to live lightly, check out his Web site. Photos courtesy of Blake Poland.
At the Kerr Village Organic Farmers’ Market – Saturday [...]

And you thought $1 per litre was expensive?

What’s a Living Lightly fan to do when a blizzard has virtually shut down the city, the snow is knee-deep, the streets and sidewalks are unplowed, and there’s a clearly important errand to be run? Use it as an opportunity to test an alternative form of urban transportation: Cross-country skiing. Or is that cross-city skiing?
Our [...]

Rock Sculptures at Sunset

Art can be made almost anywhere, with almost anything.
Rock sculptures along the Ottawa River bike path at sunset.

David Chernushenko

Urban Garden

Urban gardens are back in vogue. Randi Cherry delights the neighbours
with her green thumb.

David Chernushenko