October 2009



We promised subscribers they would not be bombarded with newsletters and financial appeals. After several silent months, we think we’ve been true to our word. It’s not that nothing has been happening, it’s just that most of it has been happening in basements and editing suites.

Yes, the next Living Lightly Project film is taking shape. By the end of the year, we hope to have completed Powerful: Energy for Everyone, and we are very excited by the script we have put together, and the first versions of the edited scenes. So excited, in fact, that we have decided this film really must be released in time to influence the Copenhagen climate change conference in December. And where better to do some of that influencing than in Copenhagen: directly to some of the delegates, via the assembled international media, and via all those environmental NGO bloggers who will be there. So now we have a self-imposed deadline. Yikes!

Depending on the word we’re expecting shortly from some interested distributors and broadcasters, Powerful could be available to the general public via big screens near you, or smaller screens even nearer you early in the New Year. We’ll keep you posted.

On the financial front, our blatant appeals and enticements were partially successful. We have raised more than $60,000 in loans and medium/small donations. Thanks to all of you who chose to participate by investing your energy, thus empowering us to complete the film. Did you miss your chance? Oh no! We still hope to raise another $40,000-plus by the end of October, so do act now and contact david@davidc.ca if you wish to know how to loan/invest, or go straight here now to donate: www.livinglightly.ca/support/.


We have produced a shorter, 35-minute version of Be the Change tailored for groups/classes to show the film and then hold a discussion within a typical class time or lunch hour. You can order this and the original DVD here: www.livinglightly.ca/film/be-the-change-shopping-cart/.

THE GREEN HOME & LIFESTYLE SHOWCASE: Taking Green Action by Greening Our Lives!

David Chernushenko will be speaking at 6 p.m. at this free event, which brings together local green entrepreneurs and sustainable‐conscious students and Ottawa residents to learn about taking green action in our lives!

Designed around a “How To” theme, the showcase will present practical ways to reduce personal impact on the environment and options for green careers and volunteering. With the help of green business exhibitors and speakers, discover a wealth of resources available to take your green goals and intentions to the next level! Organized by the Business Innovation Center at Algonquin College and the Small Business Association of Canada (http://sba-canada.ca/).

Tuesday, October 6
4 – 8 p.m.
Algonquin College, Woodroffe Campus
Showcase: Rooms T102 A, B, C
Presentations: Room T130
Refreshments and Snacks will be provided. Free parking in Lots 8 and 9


Ottawa area residents should take a close look at the workshops being offered through the Art of Living — an initiative of Agnès Revenu and others whose philosophy is very compatible with living lightly. David Chernushenko will be offering a workshop on Monday, October 19, on “Feeling Powerful”. You can read all the details at www.adv-aol.ca/index.php?v=c&c=workshops&l=e. There is a minimum number of advance registrants required, so if this interests you, please act quickly to help kick-start this initiative. Here is an overview:

FEELING POWERFUL: Re-energizing our lives and communities
through energy conservation and empowering lifestyle choices

When we waste energy and consume more than we really need, we unwittingly participate in an energy system that must grow forever – whatever the social and environmental consequences. However, when we make a conscious decision to treat all energy – be it renewable or non-renewable – as something of great value, even something sacred, then the way we live our lives and participate in our communities changes forever. Have you ever felt the energizing feeling that comes with making choices that cost less, pollute less and reduce greenhouse gas emissions? Have you ever been empowered by joining others who want to use their power to promote positive change?

Find out how many people, groups and towns are using their power to improve their lives and the environment around them through their energy choices. Learn about basic things you can be doing at home, at work and through your purchasing and investment choices. This workshop is for people who want to be challenged, to learn and to share.

You will see photos and video images of best practices and compelling stories from around the world. Renew your energy. Get empowered.

Monday, October 19
6:30 – 9:30 p.m.
James Street Wellness Center
300-20 James St. (between Kent and Bank)
Minimum number of participants: 8
Price: $60


To celebrate the launch of the Art of Living’s First Season, join us at Credible Edibles on Wednesday, October 7, from 6 to 8 p.m. for a meet and greet. Speakers, volunteers and members will be there to answer questions about the Art of Living Community Network and upcoming workshops, and to build the connections that lie at the heart of any effective network. Credible Edibles (www.credible-edibles.ca) is located at 78 Hinton Ave. N. at Armstrong St. in Ottawa.