July 2009


It is summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and those of us who can are out enjoying the sun and wind and water. Some of us, however, are in our editing rooms making films about sun, wind and water — particularly how we can harness these renewable resources to enjoy a good life with as little environmental and social harm as possible.

My new film project is well underway. Powerful: Energy for Everyone is destined to be a feature-length documentary full of charming people, policy wonks, ups and downs and plenty of humour. If it turns out as I’m hoping, it will be on big screens and small screens everywhere by this time next year. To make this possible, I am in the final stages of fundraising. We need – and I do mean need – your help to raise  the remaining $50,000 of our $100,000 budget.

In addition to gladly accepting donations of all sizes, we are now in a position to take loans from investors of $5,000 and up. I feel comfortable saying that this will be one of those rare documentaries that will make a profit – but only if it gets made! Please contact me today if you wish to know more. Please go to www.livinglightly.ca/support to make a donation.

Help us to influence policy makers and politicians of all stripes in advance of the big climate change negotiations in Copenhagen in December.

For anyone within bicycle, bus, train, foot and even car distance of downtown Ottawa, you may want to venture into my neighborhood this Thursday night for a sneak preview of the images and messages of Powerful. I look forward to seeing you there.

Live lightly!



The Living Lightly Project and arts & architecture gallery present
an energizing evening with David Chernushenko
an event to raise funds for the completion
of the feature-length documentary
Powerful: Energy for Everyone
Ottawa educator and filmmaker David Chernushenko
will screen photos and video clips and give an empowering talk
about economic renewal and renewable energy.
Thursday, July 9th at 7 pm
arts & architecture gallery
1181 bank street, ottawa
The photos and film excerpts will be on display
July 8th - July 12th
wednesday - friday    11 am - 7 pm
saturday & sunday     11 am - 5 pm
View the trailer at www.powerfulthemovie.com