January 2010



May this be another year of finding rewarding ways to live more lightly, and have some fun along the way by sharing your journey with others.

Speaking of sharing, allow me to share the latest news on the upcoming Living Lightly Project film.

I have learned the hard way that making films takes patience and perseverance. Well, and money too, but I knew that. In my efforts to complete Powerful – Energy for Everyone, I have needed to find all three of these valuable resources. Fortunately, between me and my team of editors and network of supporters, we have found ways to keep moving forward.

Every time I forecast a completion date, I am wrong, but I will nevertheless boldly predict completion for late February, and a release in late March or perhaps April, depending on possible sales to a broadcaster or distributor, and what kind of a marketing strategy we agree on.

As a subscriber to this newsletter, you will be among the first to know when and how you can view Powerful.

One thing I can say with confidence is that we are going to make a great film. Of course, if you wish to be part of the “we”, please consider donating now and help us complete the editing and soundtrack at the highest level of quality possible. If you are interested in supporting Powerful, please email me at  david@davidc.ca.


I would also like to share my suggestions for other films that I have been watching, courtesy of some great filmmakers and thanks (?) to the long dark Canadian winter nights.

This is the new film from Andrew Nisker, producer/director of Garbage. Once again, Nisker uses the story of a real film family accepting a challenge to live a little more lightly. In Garbage, the McDonald family tackled the weighty issue of reducing waste. In Chemerical, he introduces us to the Goode family, and their quest to reduce toxic chemicals in their household. What could have been a hectoring and condescending film is instead a nice blend of humour, facts and “reality”, with a strong and helpful message. It includes links to a website featuring recipes for making your own cleaning and personal care products at a fraction of the price (financial, health and environmental). To find out more about both films, see www.chemicalnation.com.

The Last Continent
This is a visually stunning film about Quebec explorer and educator Jean Lemire’s 2005 expedition to Antarctica. He spent the winter there studying the evidence of and effects of climate change. In a dramatically gripping series of scenes, Lemire and his crew are put at enormous risk by the climate changes they are observing. Available in French and English. Visit www.telefilm.gc.ca/data/production/prod_4959.asp?lang=en&.

The Age of Stupid
Some of you may have already seen this climate change film, which has pioneered some new techniques in independent distribution of films. I have not seen it yet, but will in two weeks’ time. I actually have stayed away from it, fearing that it will be yet another film that tries to make us change by scaring us with messages of impending doom. I do not believe anyone actually changes their behaviour unless they are inspired to move towards something better. That’s why I try to watch films that are about the “something better”, and am trying to make that kind of film too. But I will give Age of Stupid the chance it deserves, and then offer my two cents in my next newsletter and the Living Lightly blog. www.ageofstupid.net