April 2009


Dear Friends of the Living Lightly Project and Be the Change,

I am just back from a great filming trip to California and British Columbia. I have superb new footage, some of which will soon be available for viewing:

  • Young men and women from Oakland’s inner city being trained to build energy-efficient buildings and install solar water heaters on area rooftops
  • Stanford University students building compact solar electric power generators that will bring electricity to homes that have none
  • Ann and Gord Baird giving me a tour of their Eco-Sense home near Victoria
  • Students at Pearson College in Victoria, which is getting some of its energy from “ocean power” at Race Rocks

There is so much great material to go into my next film, Powerful: Energy Security for Everyone. But I need your help to make it. Can you contribute $50 or $100 today so I can keep my editor working?

Every donation helps. Please consider contributing today by visiting www.livinglightly.ca/about-the-project/support.

To view the latest trailer for Powerful, visit www.livinglightly.ca/powerful.

To read about the Films for Change Producers Circle for donors, visit www.livinglightly.ca/films-for-change.

If you are in a position to be a major investor, please call or email me to discuss the opportunity.

Thank you! Many hands make light work.

David Chernushenko

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