Former Green finds new outlet for old message


June 10, 2008

After years of being considered the proverbial Chicken Little, David Chernushenko has to bite his tongue to avoid saying “I told you so.”

The sustainable living advocate and former Green Party candidate for Ottawa-Centre has been witnessing the public outcry as gas and food prices rise with the wisdom of a grandfather watching grandchildren.

Chernushenko has been among those who have promoted sustainable lifestyles, limiting fuel usage and protecting environmental resources for years.

“Sustainable living, not only is it not a sacrifice, it’s actually a better way of living,” he says.

The timing couldn’t be more advantageous for Chernushenko, who is launching his new career as a filmmaker.

The documentary Be the Change was directed and produced by Chernushenko and features several Ottawa area residents who are either living sustainably, or striving to do so.

Chernushenko has made several short films, including ones focused on energy tips, which he laughingly says can be found on YouTube.

The film will be launched June 20 at Carleton University’s Minto Centre at 7 p.m.

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