Meet the eco neighbourhood, Earthsong, just north of Ackland, NewZealand!
Wandering around the lush gardens and orchard in this little block, it feels more like a nature park than a subdivision. There are no roads, just neatly raised walking paths with little streams and gardens all around, bursting with life and beauty. The [...]

Nepal Energy

What is life like when there is not enough electricity to go around?  We found out in Nepal where the load sharing schedule means everyone from homes, big hotels to government buildings have the power turned off for 8-10 hours a day.  How do the people cope?
Refrigeration-  The main dish in Nepal is Dahl Bhatt [...]

Meet Boniface Gomes and Father James Kiron

Dave and I were a little weary about going to Bangladesh. The travel blogs we read had nothing good to say about Dhaka and we just didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into by signing up to go visit a tribal village in Sirmangal.
But for me, the visit in Bangladesh has been [...]

Meet Dave and Natasha from Evergreen Forest in Auroville!

Dave and Natasha are part of the Evergreen community in the greenbelt of Auroville city in the south of India. Over breakfast, we told our new friends about our experiences at Findhorn, while we quizzed them on what it’s like to live in Auroville.
The city was founded 40 years ago, with a [...]

The Isle of Erraid

Erraid is a tiny island, off the island of Mull, off the island of Great Britain! We left Findhorn on Saturday at 6am, taking the weekly bus that goes to Erraid, via two ferries and some spectacular (though, as I am now acutely aware, unnatural, deforested) countryside.
The roads got narrower and twistier the closer we [...]

EVT Week 4 – Design Projects

Week 4 was the final week of Ecovillage Training, and what a week. It began on Sunday with a sweat lodge, which was an amazing experience from start to finish. We started with making prayer bundles, collecting firewood (and planting trees to replace them), continued with taking stones to the fire, drumming, singing, sweating, and [...]

EVT Week 3 – Earth Care

Three weeks gone already! This week’s theme has been “Earth Care” and consisted of two sections; the first, a good look at sustainable building, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and the like – culminating with the group building a cob (which is basically moist earth and straw mixed together) cooking stove. The afternoon ended with torrential [...]

Week 2 at Ecovillage Training, the Findhorn Foundation, Scotland

Our second week of EVT has also been incredibly intense, with the feeling that the week has lasted a month yet passed in a heartbeat. It was filled with laughter, passion, awe, and experience.
The theme of this week has been “Fair Share” and so we have focussed on alternative currencies, community projects, community supported [...]

Caring for the dark

In our activities, we always light a candle for the focus, but we also always blow out the candle together.  We stand in a our big circle and blow but we are too far away to extinguish it.  We have to squeeze together, huff and puff, laugh and bend into the middle supported by the [...]

Week 1 at Ecovillage Training, the Findhorn Foundation, Scotland

The first week of our course is focused on the concept of People Care.  A successful community has to have “glue” to keep the people together.  At Findhorn, this glue is a diversity of spiritual practice which is held together in joy and playfulness.  This week has been an incredibly intense experience, with group discovery games, [...]