The Living Lightly Project (LLP) is the initiative of David Chernushenko, a Canadian speaker, educator, communicator and expert on the topic of sustainable living. After nearly two decades of working for environmental causes, David became frustrated with the negativity he heard in many circles and the lack of constructive dialogue about living better. He decided there must be a more positive way to change the world. David looked back on his efforts to lessen his own environmental impact, and realized the experience — still ongoing — had been interesting, rewarding and humbling. Sometimes, it was even funny — at least in retrospect.

Photo By Salendron
Photo By Salendron

Better yet, he found that sustainable living was not only personally fulfilling, it brought him into regular contact with inspiring people. They shared a vision of a better way of living, and were determined to prove what was possible, rather than give up their dream in the face of challenges. He also learned that when you bring such optimists together, they can accomplish even more, and inspire each other to even greater accomplishments.

David created the Living Lightly Project to provide a way for these dreamers to do just that — to live lightly, to inspire others to live more lightly, and to share with others what they are doing, how they are doing it and why. The Living Lightly Project is unique not just in its philosophy, but also in its format. The Project is about sharing a vision through words as well as visual means, including videos, photos and other illustrations that depict both the utopian and the practical. Contributions are meant to both inspire and provide practical information in an interactive online forum. The LLP team will contribute some content, but most will be submitted by you.

Living Lightly is, in many ways, an “open source” project. We are all contributing to the development of an operating system (solutions) to ensure that all of human society has the tools and the knowledge to live lightly and sustainably.